5 skills to practice If thinking about going to mess with the problems of the villagers

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5 skills to practice If thinking about going to mess with the problems of the villagers

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Have you ever been together? I hope to help others solve problems. But it turns out that you put yourself in trouble, such as helping a colleague's work in hopes of getting him to finish the job faster, but it turns out that you are in charge of other people's work. Or to become a family counselor for close friends But it turns out that the more counseling the more the problem is And you have to listen to both sides until it becomes your own stress.

This kind of character is known to interfere with the problems of the villagers and make themselves in trouble. Because it took the truth into other people's problems, should ทดลองเล่นเกมสล็อต have him fix himself Will you only reach in to help when he asks for help, or is it really the best? And before you go in and help yourself, it's also important to consider the extent of your support. And here are five tips for you to practice when someone comes to you for help. Or as a consultant So that you don't have to hang other people's hoops around your neck.

1. Emotions are expressions of human beings. It's not a problem that needs to be dealt with.
If your best friend is in great anxiety or is in depression because of intense disappointment. Just be mindful and see that this is normal for expressing your emotions to the problem. Afterward, look at the other side when problems arise that make them extremely sad or stressed. Instead of hurrying to give him comfort so that he can recover from symptoms as quickly as possible. I want you to look at Problem that occurs Why What is the root cause of the problem? If you can see The way to help will be easier, which way you can do the best to relieve your friends from suffering. Better to sit and comfort each other day and night.

2. If you meet someone who is suffering from the same problem you have had, use the past experience to solve it.
Before you take pity on others, may you pity yourself. Or give yourself mercy first Because to interfere with other people's problems is to get into your own situation. There is no gain and only a disadvantage It's always good to do good, so if you become a mentor on the same problems that you've had You don't have to give all the help. But give advice that How did you solve the problem in the past? There's no need to be emotional. If the person asking for advice does not listen There is no need to convince. Because you have already helped him with the initial advice.

3. Practice listening and reflecting the words back to the person speaking.
Believe it or not, when people are in a loop of trouble They don't need you to help fix the problem. They want you to be empathetic and understanding what they are going through, so there is no need to put pressure on yourself in order to get a person out of trouble. May you be a good listener. And it's especially good if you practice your listening. To become listening to reflect back on the person speaking Also known as Reflective Listening (when someone tells you their problem Listening to your comprehension will cause you to reply to him with what he just said) .This way will make your friend feel like you are on their side.

4.Examine your emotions before helping others solve problems.
Before you go to help others relieve their suffering. Is to explore their emotions first If you are in a mood that is still not enough. That means you still can't help anyone. Because of the emotional state that is still enough This will allow you to isolate the cause of the problem and find a solution better than an emotional state of frustration.

5. Remember that other people's problems are not your responsibility.
This is the last thing you should practice in a habit. Because people who interfere with other people's problems and get into trouble Once in, it will have feelings as well. This was followed by a sense of responsibility that helped him solve the problem. In fact, you must pay attention to the fact that this is not your problem. Even if you help, you don't have to be responsible. You may advise Provide tools to help But should not let the heart go down as well because that means You interfere with other people's problems and make sure you don't Someone else's loop tied their necks