Tips to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) simply by adjusting your lifestyle.

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Tips to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) simply by adjusting your lifestyle.

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With the life habits of สล็อต today's people completely changed, regardless of factors such as staying up late, resting less, eating fast food. Eat spicy food Eating foods high in fat Grilling too often Physical inactivity, smoking, drinking alcohol on a regular basis, stress, etc., although we are well known that this behavior is harmful to the body. Especially causing NCDs to occur

Under the way of life from the consumerism society (Consumerism) globalization. (Globalization) and urbanization. Urbanization causes the economic, social and health-risk environment to affect illness, lifestyle and consumption preferences. This makes consumers choose comfort, modernity and an image of taste rather than value health.

What are NCDs?
NCDs (non-communicable diseases) or chronic non-communicable diseases Which these diseases are diseases that are not communicated between people. Cannot spread from person to person But these diseases arise from individual habits and lifestyle behaviors. Simply put, these diseases in NCDs are created by us. And brought himself to be ill

The nature of the disease will occur slowly, gradually accumulating symptoms. Over time, it will cause disease without knowing Some patients do not even realize they are sick. Even if there is no annual health check and what it is Before realizing it, it may be difficult to treat or incurable, so this NCDs are classified as chronic diseases.

However, the fear of this chronic NCDs. It comes from the fact that we neglect healthy behaviors. Therefore, when having an illness of a particular disease It can lead to various diseases as well. Until becoming a person with a debilitating disease

Risk behaviors of NCDs
Risk behaviors that cause NCDs occur from ourselves, including:

Eating foods such as sweet, salty, fast food, grilled food Do not eat fruits and vegetables, drink less water.
Lack of exercise
Drinking alcoholic beverages
Sleep a little, sleep late
What diseases do NCDs have?
Examples of NCDs are as follows:

Heart disease
Cerebrovascular disease
Respiratory disease
Chronic kidney disease
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NCDs situation
NCDs, or chronic non-communicable diseases, are an increasingly promising health problem in every region of the world. And nationally, it is a public health problem that makes health promotion and prevention work the same more challenging.

World Health Organization Information Foresee that this group of NCDs is an increasingly serious problem. World population mortality statistics in 2009 saw 63 percent of those who died of this disease. And more importantly, it found that more than 80 percent of the population is of developing countries. And most of them are working age people

As for the interesting statistics for Thailand It was found that disease among NCDs was the leading cause of death in Thai population.As of 2009, more than 300,000 deaths from NCDs were reported, accounting for 73 percent of all Thai deaths. In 2009, this meant that more than half of the Thai population died from the disease in the NCDs from all causes of death. In addition, the statistics show that Thailand has higher deaths than the global average. And it tends to keep getting higher.

How can I live my daily life away from NCDs?
Although statistics on morbidity and mortality from NCDs are very high, this disease can be prevented. Because when the disease from NCDs arises from the unhealthy behavior of the person. Reducing the risk of disease Or try to spend daily life away from that disease Therefore, we need to focus mainly on personal behavior adjustment, which should reduce and eliminate risk factors. That resulted in the body to malfunction Until causing a disease such as

Adjust eating habits Reduce eating foods that are unhealthy to the body. They are fast food, spicy food, high fat foods. Grilled food Actually can be eaten Just reduce the frequency for a long time. Drink enough clean water.
Stop drinking alcohol. And smoking Because it is a top factor That makes people who drink or smoke are more vulnerable to illnesses than people without this behavior.
Adjust resting habits Quitting the habit of staying up late, resting less, not sleeping on time
Control stress
Move the body even more Avoid working for a long time. Without moving his body to change his posture
Always have an annual health check at least once a year.
Which if we can reduce or modify these risky health behaviors It will reduce the risk of illness in the NCDs by as much as 80 percent ever.